• Made in and working @ Chelsea - from £95 / month + VAT

    Enjoy central perks @ Brompton - from £95 / month + VAT

    Plenty of 'park' space @Richmond - from £95 / month + VAT

    More than just a movie set @ NottingHill - from £95 / month + VAT

    Now OPEN - Central London Sites!


  • Wimbletech cic - Your Community Partner

    We make it possible for entrepreneurs to live good lives, to grow their businesses within spaces that they love, around people they care about, whilst contributing and giving back to their local community.


    By transforming under-utilized library + public space in partnership with local Councils, we...


    i. Help entrepreneurs & start-ups to start up, stay up and grow up

    ii. Help libraries increase revenues, footfall, awareness & relevance

    iv. Create local jobs + income, contributing to & strengthening community cohesion


    This is delivered by our 3 x brands, Wimbletech (Wimbledon Library), TheWorkary (other libraries) & Rivertech (non-library space in Rickmansworth)

  • Why Libraries Matter - 5LiveRadio

    Wimbletech CIC Founder - David Fletcher and Nicky Campbell discussing why UK public libraries matter - forward to 44min52secs  #FiveLive #Community #togetherwerestronger!


  • Wimbletech CIC - The Journey so FAR!

    1 x vision, 3 x brands, 8 x sites, 300 x members, 100+ jobs created, 100+ free events, 1000+ attendees, 000's generated in revenue for libraries, 000's reinvested back in to library buildings, £ms raised by members...

    Join us - Members, Councils, Libraries, VIPs... together we really are stronger :)

  • STartups & Coworkers - join the evolution!

    Every Workary space is designed to create an amazing, affordable alternative to working alone either at home or in coffee shops... we've been there, done that, got the T-Shirt & (many!) loyalty cards... it's time to shake things up and do it differently... and we'd love for you to join us... to view one / more of our sites, click HERE - we look forward to seeing you soon! :)

      Why Join?

      • Flexible, affordable, inspiring 'local' space (from £65 / month!)
      • Access to resources, investors, mentors + events
      • Business support / mentoring / consulting for
      • Strong local community / council / startup network
      • Combination of seating options – Fixed / Flexi
      • Dedicated kitchen - microwave, fridge + more
      • Complimentary, unlimited hot and cold drinks - tea / coffee + biscuits
      • High speed WiFi and plug points throughout the space
      • Hour of POWER - group session to solve your business / startup challenges!
      • Breakfast Byes - share skills and knowledge with other members!

      Every Workary space is unique - take a peek through the keyhole below to see :)

    • affordable MEETING & Event Space!

      Hold your Meetings and Events ... (tech, startup, growth, networking, innovation, health, fitness, Culture or community!)


      @ Rivertech (Rickmansworth), Wimbletech (Wimbledon) or at any of our Workary (Chiswick, Hanwell, Rainham, Chelsea, Nottinghill, Brompton + more) sites...


      from 5-500 attendees, catered and / or licensed (certain sites only), we've got you covered!


      ps - discounts for local charities + voluntary organisations!

    • Join a team that does things differently!

      Do you have a passion for startups?

      The skills to build a community?

      If so, we'd love to hear from you - click HERE :)

    • Become a Workary Superhero !

      There is a startup that needs your superpowers - give something back by joining our fast growing network of advisors, mentors and investors - our aim - to ensure that we give our local startups and entrepreneurs the best possible chance of succeeding - are you in?

    • It's good to talk

      ...our social and contact details below ;)


      020 8144 4122

    • Workary Members - socially representing!

      Diverse & equally different - we're proud to host an amazing mix of members :)

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      Ok you content hungry junky... POW - Facebook & Twitter posts... and that really is it now! ;)