What we do

By transforming under-utilised library + public space in partnership with local Councils, we make it possible for entrepreneurs to live good lives, to grow their businesses within spaces that they love, around people they care about, whilst contributing and giving back to their local community.

1x Vision 3x Brands

Our Vision is to go beyond, help reimagine the public library experience + to galvanise a network of entrepreneurs, startups + supporters. Integral to our Vision is our belief in the power of the network and together we all are stronger.

Our Mission is to go beyond for our Network of Members, Libraries, Communities, & each other. Our Method is to transform under-utilised space + connect the Network through a programme of work life activities, delivering balance + value for all.

Who we help

Our Impact

1x vision, 3x brands, 200+ jobs* created, 300+ community events, 400+ members, 000’s additional library event attendees / visitors, £200k+ generated in income for Councils & Libraries, £1.5m* local spending, £000’s re-invested back in to library buildings, 000’s of hours saved in commuting, £ms raised by members as they startup, stay up + grow up in their local community… #togetherwearestronger! (*estimate.)

Your Community Partner:

A home for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Are you a community-centric individual or team in search of the most affordable space in town? Are you looking for an alternative to working alone, at home or in coffee shops? Join one of our sites + connect to a powerful network of spaces, partners and like-minded others. We’ve got a programme of work / life events, and a great set of benefits to help you grow & maintain balance #togetherwearestronger


A Garage for Hackathons

Does your organisation run events, activities or experiences for the benefit of the Community OR perhaps you’re an individual that has an idea for a Meetup, Event, Club or Activity that could take place in a great local venue? We’ve a network of affordable spaces, in great locations across London + can help with promotion to make sure your event is as successful as possible. Get involved – as an individual or a group… give your time, ideas, energy & enthusiasm. Let’s help each other to create more engaging local communities #togetherwearestronger!


An innovation hub for your local community

In the heart of local Communities, we transform under-utilised space, providing a local, affordable home for Startups & Entrepreneurs. From this ‘home’ and through our Network (of Members, Partners + local groups), we curate a programme of work / life experiences to help a diverse group of individuals + teams to start up, stay up & grow up. These activities help increase local spending, enhance local employment opportunities + strengthen community cohesion = economic & social value for all!


Our Network #togetherwearestronger

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