• Wimbletech cic - Your Community Partner

    We make it possible for entrepreneurs to live good lives, to grow their businesses within spaces that they love, around people they care about, whilst contributing and giving back to their local community.


    By transforming under-utilized library + public space in partnership with local Councils, we...


    i. Help entrepreneurs & start-ups to start up, stay up and grow up

    ii. Help libraries increase revenues, footfall, awareness & relevance

    iii. Create local jobs + income, contributing to & strengthening community cohesion


    This is delivered by our 3 x brands, Wimbletech (Wimbledon Library), TheWorkary (other libraries) & Rivertech (non-library space in Rickmansworth) - our founding philosophy is that anything is possible when you work together :)

    #togetherwearestronger #thepoweristhenetwork

  • Why Libraries Matter - 5LiveRadio

    Wimbletech CIC Founder - David Fletcher and Nicky Campbell discussing why UK public libraries matter - forward to 44min52secs  #FiveLive #Community #togetherwerestronger!


  • Our Story...

    David shares our story, where it began, our passion for libraries + our plans for the future