• 50x flexible, affordable spaces for Start ups & Coworkers at 'TheWorkary, Barnet Pop Up' only £25/month (+VAT) pay-to-play + deposit - join us!


  • The 3x Planned Library Sites - Update...

    Over the last few months, we've been in active discussions with Barnet Council to help support the Libraries + local startups / entrepreneurs by setting up 3x Workary pilots, in East Finchley, North Finchley & Chipping Barnet Library. As part of our discussions we engaged local library staff, council employees and local residents to determine demand and also to see how we could maximise value for all.


    During this time, we received questions + objections from local community groups, who raised concerns about how the Workary would co-exist with Barnet’s existing library service. We met with these local groups to better understand their position, explain the project as well as to explore opportunities to work together.


    Through these discussions, it became clear that, even with our best intentions, existing demand AND the support of Barnet Council & the Library Teams, we would unfortunately not be able to proceed...

    Going Back To Our Roots!


    So... we didn't want to let down those 100+ applications who applied + are looking for affordable community-centric space - we needed to get back to our roots!

    When the project began, we were told that there was no affordable space in the Borough of Merton, and so we set out to create our own!!! After many conversations + many hours pounding the mean streets of Merton, we identified under-utilised space in Wimbledon Library.. and from there… with the help of Merton Council, the Library Team + the founding members, we created an amazing community of 150+ startups + individuals, who now work, support + grow together, living better lives + all the while, contributing to the local community…


    The GREAT NEWS? We can do the same in Barnet!💪


    We have found an under-utilised space, within a superb venue, in a great location… introducing your 'Workary, Barnet Pop Up'! The incredibly friendly team at the 'Red Lion', Jack, Tom & Laurie, have jumped to the rescue to welcome us all in to their fantastic space, with pizza, tea, coffee + more available to purchase… they have offered exclusive access to a large area at the rear of the venue (under-utilised throughout the day), to 'Workary, Barnet Pop Up' Members from 08.00-18.00 from Monday-Friday!


    The Deal...


    Join 'The Workary, Barnet Pop Up' for only £25 + VAT / month (bargain!!!) as a Flexi Member (shared use of space), with no deposit + the option to cancel at any time (one week before the start of your next month), with exclusive access to the Members Only space at the back of the 'Red Lion Stonehouse Concept Pub'...and enjoy the following:

    'The Workary, Barnet Pop Up' Benefits:

    • Connect to 500+ likeminded individuals in the Network!
    • Exclusive invites to Member / site events (all sites)
    • High speed WiFi and power points throughout space
    • Benefits package to help get your work.life.balanced + download the Stonehouse app for venue discounts
    • FREE marketing & promotion - we'll amplify your news / hiring / successes - together we are stronger!
    • Grow your business - access new customers, partners, suppliers + skills - the power is the network!
    • Join our Members Directory - connect with local businesses, investors & mentors
    • Access our Network of discounted meeting rooms + events space

    PLUS! Your income supports your local Community - innovation, events + more!